Digital design

Client work for this account ranges ranges from offices in North America to the UK. From day one I took a dive into the brand manual and offered my help on any piece of work or brainstorm session that I could be part of. 

2018 Compliance Campaign

My role for this project included a full website design and the design of the downloadable infographic. The brief was to highlight the latest study from Accenture's Financial Services. My goal from the brief was to take the Word document and create a desktop experience that would not only inform the reader of the latest developments in compliance but also move them to download the reports, and the infographic. 

My work included sourcing and creating icons—for the landing page and the infographic—as well as keeping best practices for web while making sure the design was always complying with the latest brand standards. 



Opportunity Centric Marketing (OCM) 

The focus was to leverage P&G consumer products in order to communicate why P&G should move to become cloud-based using Accenture as the partner for that execution. Using the concept of the word "IT" in the headline "Potential" I sourced images to create visuals that would convey the benefits of the Accenture partnership.

My work included coming up with visual concepts in order for the copywriter to develop content for the pitch-deck and the physical deliverables. The assets included: a box where ACN and P&G co-branding was added, a postcard introducing the pitch, and a tablet which was pre-loaded with the presentation. 



2018 Super Bowl Host Committee

Given a two week deadline and a set of assets, I took the lead on Accenture's Host Committee event for the Super Bowl 2018. The deliverables included environmental signage, volunteer and VIP badges, graphics for the developed mobile app, an event brochure, and printed memo cards.



North America Innovation Hub - Landing Pages

The ask from the client was to give a refreshed and concise look to the suite of Innovation Hub landing pages.

Based off the updated brand guidelines for the website, currently being rolled out, my first task was to decide which template would work best with the content provided. A mock up for a few Hubs were designed in Sketch, along with image sourcing for hero and supporting graphics. My suggestion for the hero images was to use public art found in the different cities in order to give the page visual recognition.